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There is not just one day when we need to offer our medical services to people around us but we have that duty on us to do it every day….

Adv. M. S. Anil Kumar Chairman, Thrissur Red Cross Society Chairman, IMITPARK

what we stand for

Red Cross enthusiasm are being consonant as an ancient tree in the society. The left ancient trees in the shore are most precious ones yet a few teens are idealized like an ancient tree. Some are left in the earth and its precious as gold. The humanitarian and disaster hype undertake by Red Cross would love to express as a token of gratitude. This largest organisation with the legacy maintain to take care of the health and settled the emotional balance of the society. In the gods on country people acknowledge you as concerned god and perpetuate it as a home of network. The almighty will bless you with all the humanity you have inclined to community.

“Red Cross Stories
A Collection of Stories About the Red Cross and the Impact of Its Humanitarian Mission”

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The Indian Red Cross is a voluntary humanitarian organization


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