What We Do

You Have the Power to Save a Life

The Red Cross in its nature, it aims and purposes, and consequently, its methods, is unlike any other organization in the country.It is an organization of physical action, of instantaneous action, at the spur of the moment; it cannot await the ordinary deliberation of organized bodies if it would be of use to suffering humanity,[ellipsis in original] it has by its nature a field of its own.
Clara Barton

Education and Training Program

With the growing need for health care attendant in the society for serving the elderly disabled critically ill persons at home thrissur red cross society is prepared start to start health aide course.

Youth Program

Training schools and colleges to enhance the understanding of the red cross crescent movement and its fundamental principles.

Livelhood Program

We build schools for the underprivileged children so they are encouraged to attend school with their friends.

What we stand for?

A humanitarian organization having networks over different branches throughout the district, providing relief in times of disasters/ emergencies, and promotes health & care of vulnerable people and communities. Started with the intention of minimizing human suffer and thus contribute to creating a more congenial atmosphere for peace. It is a leading member of the largest independent humanitarian organization in the world, the International Red Cross & Red Crescent Movement.
A strong presence and a volunteer network in India enables the Indian Red Cross to work with local communities defining needs and developing solutions from within and thus building capacities and reducing vulnerabilities. A strong capacity to influence decision-makers emerges from the mandate, the services delivered and the recognition that the Red Cross enjoys, allowing it to mobilize support for humanitarian objectives in a way that others cannot.